Cocoa And Its Benefits


Cocoa as well as seed, powder or in chocolate has several properties and health benefits thanks to its enormous concentration of minerals and vitamins.

Cocoa is an incredible source of fibers and even serotonin, which makes cocoa an ally of happiness.

This superfood has about 300 identified components of which the vast majority, in one way or another, benefit our body. Meet the most outstanding benefits of this delicious seed:


Cocoa tops the list of foods with antioxidant properties occupying the number 1 position and above green tea, acai, red wine and goji berries, since it has more properties than all of them, together!


Magnesium is a mineral necessary for our body to function properly and raw cocoa gives our body high magnesium content. In addition, cocoa has high amounts of two other minerals essential for proper functioning at different levels of our body, iron and chromium.


Anandamide is an organic chemical and neurotransmitter compound that functions as a natural mood regulator that helps, for example, in a complementary treatment to treat depression and other aspects related to mood and mood. This compound also shows effects on concentration, focus, love and pleasure, favorably in several cases.

Besides the fact that chocolate is made from cocoa, what other reason do you need to love cocoa?

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